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    All Surfaces must be free of any grease , dirt, rust , moisture , loose paint , or any other material which might interfere with proper adhesion .Glossy surfaces must be dulled by light sanding. Metals Should be rust free and primer should be used in best results . Covver adjacent areas with Abro Masking tape to protect from to protect from spry mist . use at room temp.

    Shake can vigorously for one minute before before spraying and occasionally while in use to ensure color uniformity and prevent clogging .

    On previously painted surface test spray in a small inconspicuous area.

    Hold Can 12-16 inches from surface to be sprayed.

    Press Spray button rmly with steady even strokes while moving can rapidly back and forth.Finger must not protrude over front edge of spray button . 2 or 3 thin coats with intermittance of 10min . are better than one continous heavy coat.

    Should paint bubble or run ,you are too close to the surface or spraying too heavy coat.

    After use , turn can upside down and express valve button for several seconds to clear valve until only gas emerges so as to prevent clogging.

    Discard empty can in trash pickup.Do not place in home garbage compractor or burn.

SP 400mL 12/CASE